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Stop f**king Procrastinating!

So, you have the house to yourself, a 2-hour session of writing ahead of you.

What’s to stop you knocking out the best part of 2 or 3 thousand words?

Well, here are some common blockers – see how many you rack up in your next session and then do better next time!

1) Snack break

2) Drink break

3) Cut / bite / file nails

4) Check email accounts

5) Check Twitter

6) Check Facebook

7) Tidy workspace

8) Washing-up

9) Dusting

10) Prepare dinner

11) Phone a friend

12) Text friends

13) Masturbate

14) Change clothes

15) Exercise

16) TV break

17) Read a book purely for pleasure

18) Tangential Google searches masquerading as “research”

19) Write another blog entry

20) Sleep