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First Things First

All blogs need a purpose, right?  Otherwise they meander through anecdotes and observations without consequence.

Of course, I do like to meander, often tangentially, with a few curve-balls from left-field and the odd googly slipped in for good measure.

So just bear in mind that, despite the diversions that thwart all of our very best efforts to succeed, there is this one singular purpose.

This blog is my journey to becoming a published writer – no, not just a one-off magazine article or poem in someone else’s collection, but a genuine I-do-it-for-a-career¬†author.

So be prepared for messages of inspiration, overcoming frustration, madcap ideas for progress that lead tangentially to a breakthrough, perspiration, relief and despair.

I’m hoping you can learn as much from my travails as I continue to from other writers on a similar path.

Now, if I can link this to my Twitter account I will feel as though I belong in the 21st Century…